Students in Japan stabbed in knife attack

An unemployed man stabbed and beat up students and other passengers on two public buses outside a Japanese train station on Friday in a rampage that injured 14 people.

Police arrested Yuta Saito, 27, on charges of attempted murder after he was subdued by residents outside Toride Station in Ibaraki Prefecture, about 25 miles northeast of Tokyo.

"I wanted to end my life. It is true that I wounded people at random with a kitchen knife," Saito told police.

Six people were stabbed and eight others had bruises and other injuries from thrown punches or trying to escape. Twelve of the injured were school pupils. Officials did not immediately say how many children had been stabbed.

One of the injured has wounds that will require several weeks of treatment in hospital, fire department spokesman Shireka Iyoka said.

The attack occurred at 7:40am Friday morning, when the children were on their way to school.