'Unreasonable' bins fines to end

People who put their bins out on the wrong day will no longer be at risk of a fine, Communities Secretary Eric Pickles has announced.

Mr Pickles said the Government would legislate to stop the "unreasonable" punishments.

A neighbourhood test will also be introduced to end "ludicrous" fines for putting rubbish in the wrong bin.

Under current rules, council officials can start court proceedings for "household waste offences" that can result in fines of up to £1,000. On-the-spot penalties of £80 can also be issued.

"I'm delighted to make the announcement that given the unreasonable nature of these charges we're actually going to legislate... in the next parliamentary session, which is in this year," he told the BBC's Sunday Politics.

"We're going to have a test with regard to the neighbourhood. So if you put the wrong yoghurt pot into the wrong bin it is ludicrous to fine people.

"It is ludicrous to fine that woman who is, I think, a few inches out of a drive with regard to things. But what it would be reasonable (to fine people for) is if people scattered their litter about - then, of course."

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