Who is Britain's greatest leader?

Whether it's Churchill leading Britain through the war, Emily Pankhurst leading the women's rights movement or Princess Diana leading the campaign against landmines, Britain has a huge list of influential leaders.

Remembered and respected for their inspiration, innovation, passion and determination, whether a figure from history, or a modern day hero we'd like to hear who you would rate as Britain's greatest leader.

Is it a politician, a campaigner, a religious figure or a monarch? Is it someone who has led Britain through hardship, or someone who has inspired a generation? Did they dedicate their life to a cause, or did their ideas change the face of Britain forevermore?

Send your nominations and the reason behind your choice to: britainsgreatestleaders@hotmail.co.uk.

We'll gather your nominations and, in the coming weeks, present a shortlist for the whole of the country to vote on.

Once those votes are in, we'll announce the nation's greatest British leader on MSN News.
Send your nominations for Britain's greatest leaders to britainsgreatestleaders@hotmail.co.uk.