Tony Blair back as Labour leader? No thanks - and yes please - say MSN readers

The idea of Tony Blair returning as Labour leader would make more people turn out and vote at a general election - both for and against the former prime minister.

Tony BlairMax Nash, PA Wire

In a poll on MSN, almost half of the 45,000 responses said that the sight of Mr Blair back in his former job would make them more determined to vote for anyone but Labour.

But a quarter of people said they would be more likely to vote Labour if Mr Blair returned as leader.

The results suggest Mr Blair still has the ability to provoke extreme reactions among people of both a positive and negative kind.

They also imply that the presence of Mr Blair back in charge of the Labour party would encourage more people to vote in an election overall.

While 18% of people said the idea of Mr Blair as Labour leader wouldn't influence their vote at all, only 10% of people said it would make them less likely to vote Labour at a general election.

The MSN poll about how people would respond to Mr Blair's return to UK politics was prompted by the man's appearance earlier this week at a party fundraiser.

It was his first appearance together with current leader Ed Miliband.

Mr Blair has also given a number of interviews in recent weeks, in a sign that he is renewing his interest in UK politics. He even said that he would be prepared to be prime minister again, though he admitted it was unlikely to ever happen.

Tony Blair came third in MSN's recent survey to find the 60 most influential Britons of the Queen's reign.

How would you feel about Tony Blair returning to UK politics - in any role?

Would it make you more or less likely to vote for the Labour party at an election?

And is it the sort of thing that would make you more likely to vote at all, be it for or against Mr Blair?

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