Survey: Many happy to delay family

Less than a fifth of British women are worrying about being too old to start a family as celebrities give the impression that anyone can have a baby in their 40s, a survey has revealed.

More than three-quarters of those questioned in the study for Red magazine believe that infertility is a medical problem which can be treated and one in five had considered freezing their eggs for future use.

Nearly half of women who had not yet tried for children said they were delaying starting a family because they did not want to give up their life and freedom.

The 2012 Modern Motherhood Report gathered data from more than 3,000 women aged between 28 and 45.

The results show that the majority of women are not worried about leaving it later to conceive, with only a quarter wishing they had tried to have children earlier.

The women surveyed said having freedom, more money to spend on themselves, more time to spend with their partners and being able to focus on work and business were the upsides of not having children.

Of those who had not started trying for children, 45% said they did not want to give up their life and freedom, 36% were not sure if they wanted a family and 28% wanted to focus on their career.

Just less than a third (31%) had not met the right partner yet - dubbed "emotional infertility" by the magazine.

The survey found that more than half of women (54%) thought that "emotional infertility" was just as painful as medical infertility.

But the results showed that one in five women would not let their relationship status stop them from having children, with 20% considering having a child on their own.