Send us your stories of last year's riots

One year on from the disorder that hit a number of English cities, we'd like to hear your memories of the unrest.

Riot police form a line in Tottenham, north London, during the 2011 summer riotsLewis Whyld, PA Wire

On Saturday 6 August 2011, a peaceful protest organised by local residents of Tottenham in north London over the fatal shooting by police of Mark Duggan turned violent. Two police cars were attacked and set on fire, and later a number of buildings and vehicles were set alight.

The following night similar scenes broke out in Tottenham and other areas of London, including Enfield, Wood Green and Brixton. On Monday 8 August unrest flared across the capital, causing damage to hundreds of properties and vehicles. Disturbances also began to spread to English cities, including Bristol and Birmingham.

An extra 10,000 police were deployed on the streets of London 9 August, but disorder took hold in cities around the country, including Birmingham, Bristol, Manchester, Salford, Nottingham and Liverpool. Sporadic disturbances took place on 10 August, but they marked the end of the unrest.

Thousands of people have since been charged for participating in the riots. Many shops and businesses waited months for compensation, and even now some claims have yet to be paid out.

We'd like to hear your memories of that period last year when unrest hit all the major towns and cities in England. What did you see? Were you affected by the disturbances? Perhaps you had property damaged, or were injured. Or maybe you even took part.

Email your stories to us, including your name (or state if you prefer to remain anonymous) and location. We'll publish them here on MSN.