Parents should allow their children to be bored, say MSN readers

Children are over-indulged by their parents and need to be given time to themselves, even if it means they get bored.

According to a poll of MSN readers, parents are mollycoddling their offspring and should not try and control everything their kids get up to.

The survey was inspired by recent comments from David Cameron's adviser on childcare policy.

Claire Perry, the MP for Devizes, said that children's lives have become too regimented, leaving them unable to cope by themselves as they grow up.

"We've created a treadmill. It's usually the mother that is orchestrating all of that and doing all the driving. We have created rods for our own back. Children need time to be bored," she told the Times newspaper.

Over half (57%) of the people who took part in the MSN poll agreed with Ms Perry's remarks.

The rest believed parents are correct to control everything that goes on in their children's lives.

Just under 20,000 votes were cast in the poll.

Claire Perry is the prime minister's adviser on the commercialisation and sexualisation of childhood. She is a mother of three.

She told the Times she believed most parents had no idea what their children are doing on the internet. "Most parents are too busy, don't know the words, aren't aware their children are doing it. They are living in digital oblivion," she said.

She also criticised the trend towards 1950s-style homemaking, which she believes has added to mothers' burdens.

"I like baking but I don't want to make that my life's purpose. We worship this feminine motherhood thing and I don't think our children have benefited actually. They're babied a lot."