MSN poll: A third of Brits buying less processed meat

The nation’s eating habits have changed in the wake of the horse meat scandal, a poll of more than 30,000 MSN readers has found.

A third of Britons are now buying less processed meat since the revelations about products being contaminated with horse meat broke.

The findings of the pollMSN UK News

A further 8% are eating less meat and 4% have become vegetarian, according to the online survey that asked whether the scandal had changed their eating habits.

But 53% - some 15,918 people – said the developments had not changed their views when it came to what to eat.

Labour MP Mary Glindon, a member of the House of Commons environment, food and rural affairs committee, responded to the findings by saying that butchers in her constituency of North Tyneside had noticed that people were buying more fresh meat.

“If people are more aware of what they are eating, that has got to be good,” she said.

“If people learn to cook and prepare fresh food that has got to be good for the nation’s health,” she added.

The MP also expressed concern that more revelations about the food chain could emerge in the coming weeks and months.

“We have been right to have concerns, it seems nobody wants to take the blame,” said Mrs Glindon.