Lib Dem conference boring? Surely not.

By Samantha Herbert, MSN News PA
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The 2012 Liberal Democrat party conference is upon us. We look back at past conferences to see what excitement could be in store.

Not renowned for their excitement, MSN News shows in pictures just what to expect from this weekend's Liberal Democrat party conference. See gallery

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Liberal Democrat members excitedly anticipate the start of the 2007 conference in Brighton.

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This delegate and her knitting made some of the biggest headlines of the 2011 event.

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Delegates rally their political energy in Brighton.

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From the crowds excited reaction at the 2009 conference, there's no doubt headline act Nick Clegg will liven things up.

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Even Vince Cable doesn't seem hopeful.

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Stay tuned in to this weekend's Lib Dem conference for all this drama and more.