Legoland gets a polish

By Samantha Herbert, MSN News REX
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Legoland's annual clean begins

Model makers begin the annual clean of the 80 million bricks that make up LEGOLAND. See gallery

Model maker Paula Laughton reaches out to dust the very tip of the model Big Ben at Legoland in Windsor.

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For the next two days the park is closed for a top to toe clean

Model maker Chris Convoy brushes down the 3m long, 6m tall smoke breathing Dragon perched in a tower, 3.5metres above ground in the giant clock tower outside the Legoland Hotel, Windsor

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Some 80 million lego bricks make up hundreds of models across the park which all need to be cleaned.

Mini figures are cleaned with a cotton wool bud.

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Repairs to the models are also made as the busy summer season draws to an end.

Kat James carries out some remedial work on a lego shark's dentures.

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The park has five dedicated model makers who clean the Lego every year.

Lauren Moss cleans Lego mini figures with a cotton wool bud

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The Legoland driving school cars get a valet clean

Model maker Giorgio Pastero also gets a clean as he and Paula Laughton wash the miniature cars.

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A model of the Queen gets spruced up with a toothbrush.

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Every figure must be dusted in preparation for the busy period over halloween.

Lauren Moss dusts down a collection of Lego Mini figures

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Animator Adam Brook gets into the model Thames to carry out repairs.

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Landscape technician John Isted trims the plants around the model Gherkin.