Inquest verdicts 'must be quashed'

All 96 of the inquest verdicts into the fans who died in the Hillsborough disaster should now be quashed and an inquiry called into the deaths, a campaigner has urged.

Sheila Coleman of the Hillsborough Justice Campaign welcomed the apology made by Prime Minister David Cameron.

She told BBC Radio 4's World at One: "Of course (the apology) is welcome, because it is an acknowledgement that Liverpool, the bereaved families and the fans have been telling the truth for years and yet have been considered liars."

She added: "Without doubt the inquest verdicts have to be quashed. David Cameron batted this back to the Attorney General. The Attorney General needs to surely, with the evidence presented to him today and the evidence previously presented to him, must quash the inquest verdicts in all cases.

"With the clear evidence that fans could have been saved - and the evidence is there - he needs to give all of those 96 victims their right under law, the right to a fair hearing. It needs a full inquiry into how they died."

Asked if she believed criminal charges should now be brought, Ms Coleman said: "I do, because all the evidence today shows that South Yorkshire Police and people in South Yorkshire Police lied and operated a cover-up."

The Mayor of Liverpool Joe Anderson echoed the call for fresh inquests and said those involved in the cover-up should be brought to account.

He said: "It is absolutely clear for everyone to see that those affected were victims not only of a terrible event, but also of an unforgivable miscarriage of justice.

"They were aided and abetted by some sections of the media, who should now apologise for misleading the nation and smearing the reputation of Liverpool FC fans and the city.

"I am calling on the Attorney General to apply to the High Court immediately to quash the original inquest verdicts so that a fresh inquiry can be held. Furthermore, those who played a role in the cover up should be brought to account for their deceit and corruption."