Ian Tomlinson death: timeline

How dramatic video footage of Ian Tomlinson's last moments sparked fierce public anger to bring police tactics at major protests under the microscope.

The shrine to Ian Tomlinson who died during the G20 protests in LondonJeff Moore, Empics Entertainment

1 April

Mr Tomlinson is confronted by uniformed police officers as he walks up King William Street, a short distance from the Bank of England, at about 7.30pm. He is trying to make his way home across the City to watch football, but is blocked by cordons surrounding thousands of protesters still in the area. A short time later he walked into Royal Exchange Passage where witnesses say he was caught up in a crowd and pushed back by more police officers. He then collapses in Cornhill where he is attended to by police medics and shielded from onlookers by a ring of officers.

2 April
A Metropolitan Police spokesman says officers treating Mr Tomlinson had bottles thrown at them by protesters. The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) is alerted to oversee a City of London Police inquiry.

4 April
City of London Police say a post-mortem examination found Mr Tomlinson suffered a fatal heart attack and died of "natural causes".

7 April
Dramatic amateur video footage emerges of Mr Tomlinson being shoved to the ground from behind by a police officer. It is passed to the Guardian by a New York fund manager. Mr Tomlinson is seen walking with his back to a group of police when one officer lunges at him from behind. He then falls heavily to the floor. Other witnesses come forward to claim Mr Tomlinson was also hit by police in the minutes before the footage was filmed. Among the witnesses is freelance photographer Anna Branthwaite. Mr Tomlinson's stepson Paul King says: "Whether that was a cause to his death we are not to know. We want answers: why?"

8 April
The IPCC takes over the inquiry. It orders a second post-mortem examination in a bid to determine if there was any external factor behind Mr Tomlinson's fatal heart attack.

9 April
The policeman caught on camera hitting Mr Tomlinson is suspended. He is PC Simon Harwood, a constable from the territorial support group, based in Lambeth, south London. Scotland Yard denies claims it tried to mislead the public over the death of Mr Tomlinson.

11 April
Mr Tomlinson's family say they are "hopeful" action will be taken against any police officer whose wrongdoing contributed to his death. Speaking during a memorial march across London, Paul King says it was painful to watch footage of the "violent assault" on his stepfather.

14 April
A second officer, Sergeant Delroy Smellie, 47, from the territorial support group, is suspended after footage emerges on YouTube of him striking Nicola Fisher, 35, at a vigil for Mr Tomlinson on 2 April.

15 April
The then Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Paul Stephenson calls in government inspectors to examine his force's tactics when faced with mass protests.

17 April
The police officer suspended following the death of Mr Tomlinson has been questioned on suspicion of manslaughter, the IPCC says. He was questioned after a second post-mortem examination finds Mr Tomlinson died from an "abdominal haemorrhage" and not a heart attack.

15 May
The IPCC says it will investigate how police handled the release of information to the media after the death following complaints from the family.

4 August
A file of evidence about the death is passed to the Crown Prosecution Service. His widow, Julia, calls on prosecutors to let a jury decide whether a police officer played any role in his death

6 August
Relatives accuse police of a cover-up. Widow Julia and son Paul King said they felt under pressure from police and independent investigators not to speak out.

16 November
Appearing at Westminster Magistrates' Court, Sergeant Smellie, 47, pleads not guilty to a charge of common assault on Mrs Fisher.

31 March

Sgt Smellie is cleared of assault and reinstated within hours after a judge ruled there was no evidence his use of the extendable weapon to defend himself was unreasonable in the circumstances.

1 April
Politicians, campaigners, lawyers and academics sign a letter to the Director of Public Prosecutions criticising "intolerable" delays surrounding the investigation of Mr Tomlinson's death.

22 July
PC Simon Harwood, a member of Scotland Yard's territorial support group (TSG), is told he will not face charges over the death.

28 March

Inquest into Mr Tomlinson's death begins - nearly two years after his death.

3 May
The inquest jury rules that Mr Tomlinson was unlawfully killed by PC Simon Harwood during the G20 protests in London and that the newspaper seller posed no threat.

4 May
Director of Public Prosecutions Keir Starmer announces a review of his decision not to charge PC Harwood.

24 May
Mr Starmer announces that PC Harwood is being charged with manslaughter over the death of Ian Tomlinson.

18 June

PC Harwood goes on trial at Southwark Crown Court.

19 July
PC Harwood is cleared. Mr Tomlinson's stepson calls the verdict "a joke", vowing to pursue the case in the civil courts.