Have you been involved in the Games?

If you've had anything to do with London 2012, we'd like to hear from you.

British military personnel walk past the aquatic centre in the Olympic ParkAP Photo, Jae Hong

Maybe you're one of the people who volunteered to help with security and have had experience of dealing with G4S, the firm criticised for not providing not as many staff as promised.

Perhaps you're with the armed forces and have had to cut short a period of leave, training or other plans to fill the gaps in the security operation.

You might have been involved in the construction of one of the new venues, or are helping with transport and planning around one of the Games sites. Maybe you've taken part in the torch relay, have appeared at one of many Olympic flame events around the country, or are even performing in one of the opening ceremonies.

Email your story to us, including your name and location, or leave a comment below.

We'll publish your contributions here on MSN.