Rainstorm causes city waterfall

A taxi driver has described the moment when an urban staircase turned into a cascading waterfall after the heavens opened.

Mark Stewart, 46, was working in Newcastle city centre when raindrops the size of 2p pieces began to fall.

The thunderstorm left roads underwater and flash flooding ruined homes, some of them only just drying out from an even heavier storm at the end of June.

Mr Stewart spotted the dramatic sight of water shooting down Tuthill Stairs, which drop steeply from behind the station to The Close, by the River Tyne.

Footage captured on his mobile phone while he was parked shows the torrent shooting down the stairs and on to the road surface.

He said: "The heavens just opened and all of a sudden the rain came down and there were drops the size of 1p and 2p pieces falling out of the sky.

"I parked up on the pavement and I couldn't believe it when I saw the water - that's why I put the camera on.

"It was just unbelievable.

"It was like a river flowing down and at the bottom there was just a great big puddle."

Newcastle City Council said later that all roads in the city centre were open.