FA had no option but to let Fabio Capello continue as England manager

After announcing that they would take two weeks to decide whether Fabio Capello was the right man to lead England in the wake of their dismal World up campaign, it took the FA just five days to come to the conclusion that he was.

The announcement on Friday that the Italian would continue as England manager came after several key figures at the FA came out in support of him.

Capello's cause would have been helped by the fact that the only realistic contender for the role, Roy Hodgson, was unveiled as the new manager of Liverpool on Thursday and the fact that getting rid of him would have been punitively expensive.

There is also a widespread belief that the players were as much at fault for England's dire performances in South Africa as the manager. And it would appear that the problems in the dressing room were down to rivalries between the big names in the squad, rather than because of the way the camp was being run.

Capello has also shown an encouraging willingness to continue as manager and has privately spoken of a desire to set the record straight at the European Championships in 2012 and exact some sort of "revenge" after the events in South Africa.

That would suggest that the fire still burns brightly within Don Fabio. Something that was indicated by the Italian's desire to renegotiate his contract on the eve of the tournament and remove the clause allowing either side to walk away in the aftermath.

Then there is the fact that the 64-year-old took a team that had failed to qualify for the Euro 2008 tournament and get them to South Africa in some style. Things went badly once they got there, but as David Sheepshanks, the former chairman of Ipswich, said: "Fabio is tremendously able - one of the world's best managers - and a month ago I don't think you'd have heard many people disagree with that. He doesn't become a bad manager overnight."

Finally, Capello now has experience of leading England in a tournament and will, hopefully, learn from his mistakes.

His next challenge will be to regain control of the egos in the dressing room - a job that he is better qualified for than most - and to start blooding the youngsters that can lead England's charge in 2012 and beyond. 

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