Baby reindeer 'given kiss of life'

A maintenance engineer turned hero when he gave the kiss of life to a newborn reindeer, a family theme park said.

Chris Walker revived the lifeless calf who was born with a faint heartbeat and not breathing at Twinlakes Family Theme Park in Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire.

The baby, who has now been named Snow White, was born at 11.17am on Sunday - the first calf of two-year-old imported reindeer Holly.

But when staff saw she was not moving, maintenance engineer Mr Walker rushed to the rescue.

Mr Walker, 52, from nearby Rutland, said: "I was working on the rollercoaster when I received a call on the radio from the park manager that Holly was giving birth.

"As the farm director was off site and I have had previous experience with livestock - I guess I was the best person to call.

"We observed Holly in the paddock from a distance with binoculars so not to distress her, all seemed to be going well until the calf was born - I suspected immediately that the calf was not moving.

"I rushed over to find the calf lying on the grass lifeless, she had a very weak heartbeat and was not breathing, I checked her airway was clear, rubbed her briskly to stimulate the heart and gave her a couple of breaths in her mouth - as soon as I was confident that she was breathing I left her to bond with her mother."

Snow White, who Mr Walker said was the park's "little miracle", weighs around 11lbs and is just over 1ft tall.

Park bosses said she was feeding well from her mother and getting stronger by the hour.