Riders get stuck on rollercoaster

Riders on the world's steepest rollercoaster spent 20 minutes hanging upside-down after a car got stuck, it was reported today.

Operators of the £4 million Mumbo Jumbo ride at Flamingo Land, in North Yorkshire, said the jam was caused by a freak incident as a poncho got caught in the mechanism.

Five people were trapped about 50ft up in two cars on the ride. The incident happened at about 5.30pm on Sunday.

Park executive Elliot Richards told the York Press: "As a result of these circumstances, Flamingo Land implemented its evacuation and rescue procedure. All five riders were successfully evacuated without injury in quick succession, due to the speedy response of the Flamingo Land operations department."

Mr Richards said an investigation had not revealed any faults with the ride and the jam had been caused by the item of clothing.

The Mumbo Jumbo ride, which opened last year, is the showpiece of the park near Pickering. It is 98ft high and features two full inversions and a 112-degree overhang.