UK snow: will it be a White Easter?

With wintry weather continuing to affect much of the UK, how likely is it we'll see snow on Easter Day?

Statistically, snow is more probable at Easter than Christmas.

Indeed, during the past 50 years snow has fallen quite regularly at Easter, even in lowland areas. There have been 12 White Easters, including no fewer than five in the 1970s (for the record: 1970, 1973, 1975, 1977 and 1978.)

A particular spectacular White Easter occurred in 1983, when Scotland, the Midlands and Kent received up to 10cm of snow.

The most recent White Easter was in 2008.

This year's Easter is slightly earlier than usual, with Easter Day falling on 31 March. What are the chances we'll see snow on the day itself?

William Hill is offering odds of 2/1 that snow will fall on Easter Day in Edinburgh: a shorter price than it was for snow to fall on Christmas Day in 2012.

"As Christmas rolled round last year, it became abundantly clear with a week to go that we were not going to see snow but, unlike last Christmas, we are actually cutting the odds of Easter snow with just over seven days to go," said William Hill spokesman Joe Crilly.

The bookmaker is offering 5/1 odds on a White Easter in London, and 7/1 for Cardiff.

For those fancying a more eccentric flutter, there are 50/1 odds on Big Ben failing to chime for weather reasons at some point before the end of April.

You can also get 8/1 odds on the lowest temperature ever recorded in England (-26.1C), Wales (-23.3C) or Scotland (-27.2C) being beaten before the end of April.