Slang 'banned' by school

A ban has been slapped on pupils using popular slang words at a south London school in a bid to improve their vocabulary and job prospects.

Words such as coz, aint, like, bare, extra, innit, you woz and we woz will no longer be tolerated. Students will also not be allowed to begin sentences with basically and end them with yeah.

The move has been implemented by Harris Academy Upper Norwood and won backing from Labour MP David Lammy, reports the Daily Mail.

“Speaking slang is fine in a social setting but a school should be a professional, educational environment and if part of that means banning slang then that’s fine by me,” said the Tottenham MP.

He also said young people too often went to job interviews or wrote covering letters without being able to use correct English – and anything to tackle the problem should be encouraged.

In a tweet, the Tottenham MP also asked if “Sup Blud” could be added to the list of banned slang phrases. He also tweeted a picture showing a list of banned words.

A spokeswoman for Harris Academy Upper Norwood said: “In addition to giving students the teaching they need to thrive academically, we want them to develop the soft skills they will need to compete for jobs and university places.

“This particular initiative is just one of the many ways in which we are building the vocabulary of our students and giving them the skills they need to express themselves confidently and appropriately for a variety of audiences.”

But perhaps out of school, children might be talking about the move using slang: “Coz, we was banned like from saying slang innit.”