Mystery clown stalking Northampton becomes talk of the town

We wanted it to be a hoax, but it's been reported by many sources, so now we can't sleep. There is a clown roaming the streets of Northampton, and ... that's it. It's just a clown, with white face paint and red hair and occasionally some balloons, and it's just walking around, and it's awful. Apparently, at one point, it 'knocked on someone's door and offered to paint their sills despite having no painting equipment,' which makes us feel cold all the time now. People have been tweeting about it, and there's a Facebook group called "Spot Northampton's Clown" with more than 20,000 likes. While we're sure we're not dealing with a Stephen King "Pennywise"-style situation, it's still freaky that someone's dressing as a clown and running around solely to scare people. Good luck getting to sleep tonight, everyone! Make sure to check for clowns.


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