The big answer: Olympics has too many sports

The country may be thrilled with the success of our athletes in the Olympics but there are too many sports in the Games, according to the results of last week's Big Question.

Olympic trampoline

Olympic trampoline

A total of 59% of the 2,068 people who voted thought the Games was filled with sports that really should not be considered worthy of the Olympics.

Mary Johnstone said there were certain sports that had no place in the Games, saying: "Almost obscenely paid football players and tennis players should most definitely not participate when we seem to be seeing them all the year round in various competitions and earning vast salaries."

Colin the Opinator agreed, adding: " We already have the World Cup for football, we already have golf, rugby and motor sports events. We should keep to the traditional aspects of the games and not pollute them with sports of limited endurance and strength. Keep to the likes javelin, shot-put, running, swimming, games that push human limits to the absolute edge. Get a grip on what these games are about. Finding the fittest, fastest and strongest human on the planet."

But Matthew disagreed and thought the more sports, the better, saying: It's important we celebrate all talents within sport. The Olympics can inspire people from 8 to 80 to take up a sport and watching people will gold medals will surely influence them to dream big and train hard. Also events that you would never consider to be a sport can be discovered."