The big answer: GM crops should not be grown in Britain

Now is not the time for GM crops to be grown in Britain - that is the answer to last week's big question.

A total of 67% of the 3,368 people who voted were against the idea of the so-called 'Frankenfood' being grown by famers and the controversial crops being backed by the government.

Robert Watson was concerned that such a move would set a precedent. He said "If this Pandora's Box is opened, there is no turning back. We would have to endure whatever side effects of cross pollination etc.. that will without doubt arise as a direct result of us allowing genetically modification of whatever crop. Greed is the main driving force behind the farmers' ongoing publicity schemes to try to somehow change the mind of the public. The main aim and result of genetic management of any crop is greatly increase yield - so more money for the farmer.

The results to the MSN poll on growing GM cropsMSN poll

Albert Herbert Hawkins gave the debate an international view:"As a Brit living in the USA and having to suffer GMOs please no, no, no. Nutrition levels of GMO are pitiful compared to organic. Keep the rest of the world GMO free! There are now super bugs resistant to the bug resistant corn that are demanding ever increasing pesticides and modification. The other side is that once you start GMO you have to buy new seeds every year, price and supply controlled by Monsanto, life controlled by Monsanto. It is too much power concentrated in one company, a very dangerous situation."

Alan Tindall also wondered about the effect it could have on the people eating the GM food, saying: "As a family, GM food would not be on our shopping list this food has not been tested on humans over a long period of time so no one knows if there is a long term affects or what affects is would have with someone that was already ill. Once these crops have been planted there is no going back they are messing with nature and with things at will destroy the older natural version of the crops the modify."

And Colin White added: ""GM crops are not worth the risk. The companies who make them, such as Monsanto, are irresponsible and have destroyed many farmers in the USA. We cannot rely on their research as it is not truly independent, if independent at all."