David Cameron 'wrong to send troops to Mali'

Malian soldiers, working with French forces, battle radical Islamic rebels in Gao, Mali. Image: AP Photo

More than three-quarters of people think David Cameron is wrong to send troops into Mali, according to the latest MSN Big Question poll.
Concerns that Britain’s forces are over-stretched and that Britain should stay out of other country’s business, were the top concern among those leaving comments.

Warren Swain wrote: "When will our leaders learn to stay out of foreign affairs and focus on the UK? It is high time that we learn to take a step back and take a look  at our own needs, take heed of the voices of the nation's people and help the world to be a better place by making our country a better place to be born and live out our lives."

Ben Gilroy wrote: "How many more Illegal wars are we going to fight? How many more families are going to get that knock on their door, telling them that their husband, son, daughter, is dead and that call telling them that their son has been maimed for life? Having to be told that news and for what? A war we have no business being in, a country that we do not belong in. For every action there is a counter action: Cameron involves a plane in transport to Mali, a BP gas field facility is attacked killing several Britons."
Adrian Murphy summed things up by saying: "The only real surprise in all this is that we've actually got enough troops left to do this".