The Big Answer: expanding Heathrow is not the solution

Expanding Britain's biggest airport further is not the answer to the country's transport problems, according to voting on the recent Big Question.


Heathrow airport

Of the 2,076 people who voted, 53 per cent said no to an extra runway for Heathrow. Many felt the airport just couldn't take it, while others said we should look to airports around the rest of the country for more capacity.

Carol Baker said : "Having spent a long time on the M25 bogged down by traffic near Heathrow I don't see how another runway is feasible."

John Hopkins said: "I thought we were trying to save energy and global warming not encouraging more people to fly in gas guzzling jet aircraft."

Phil Goddard exercised a more pragmatic view: "If there is a need for another runway then build it. Am I missing something?"

The last word goes to Lawrence Duff, a positive supporter of airport expansion and a new runway. "A big massive one right through Buck Palace, taking in Parliament and 10 Downing Street, these places will not be missed."