Summer sun finally comes to the UK

By MSN UK News Lewis Stickley/PA Wire
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After months of rain the sun has finally emerged encouraging Britons to venture outside

Ella, aged eight, runs through the fountains in Nottingham's Old Market Square as people enjoy the warm weather.

Owen Humphreys/PA Wire
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The sun rises over St Paul's Cathedral ahead of a sunny day in the capital

Reuters/Ki Price
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After waiting an age for summer sun bathers flocked to the beach in Weymouth and Portland

Owen Humphreys/PA Wire
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Sun bathers also headed to parks around the country to bask in the weekend's glorious sunshine

Anna Gowthorpe/PA Wire
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Traffic jams soon built up in Yorkshire as many people headed to the beach at Scarborough

Lewis Stickley/PA Wire
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The Nottingham Riviera beach in the Old Market Square attracted large crowds over the weekend

Owen Humphreys/PA Wire
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Ice cream and sun cream were the popular choices for sun bathers in London's St James Park

AP Photo/Jae C. Hong
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Umbrellas have been used a lot this summer, but not for shade as they were yesterday

REUTERS/Paul Hackett
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The sun shines through "The Orbit" structure by artist Anish Kapoor at the Olympic park in Stratford

AP Photo/Cassandra Vinograd
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