Secrets behind the Queen’s favourite things

The Queen at the coronation festival

Ever wondered what skincare regime the Queen follows to stay so youthful looking? Or how about what sort of meals she indulges in at dinner time?  Well the answer, along with many others,  are revealed at this weekend’s Royal Coronation Festival.

Taking over the gardens of Buckingham Palace until Sunday the 200-strong exhibitor event is essentially a trade fair of the Queen’s favourite products and holds the key to everything from the skincare products she uses, Clarins apparently, to how large a piece of salmon she likes for dinner, 125g or ‘a Queen’s portion’ according to Steve Bracken of Royal fish suppliers Marine Harvest Scotland. Supermarket fish portions tend to be 100g.


They order so much chocolate and are very keen on choice

Making her entrance in a golf buggy, wearing a beige and floral outfit that prompted one spectator to comment that her majesty was “wearing curtains again”, the Queen inspected the festival grounds on Thursday with a tour of the transformed Royal Gardens as well as  a  visit to her newly renovated Summer House.

Refurbished by QEST (the Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust – a charitable arm of the Royal Warrant Holder’s Association) the house has been painted with a mural of the English countryside and is a place that the charity’s chairman Nick Farrow hopes will become a favourite spot in which to spend time with her ever-growing family in.

He said: “We hope she uses it to come and take tea with the great grandchildren.”

The visit to the summer house was followed by a show of support for the other exhibitors taking part in the event, all of whom have a warrant to prove they are official suppliers to the members of the Royal family, as the Queen,  along with Prince Charles and Camilla,  took a walk around the palace grounds and stopped to chat to the suppliers of their favourite items.

Nick Cearn of Prestat chocolates, said it was a huge stamp of approval to be issued a warrant and to be part of the event.

He added that the Royal family were very good customers and said: “They order so much chocolate and are very keen on choice so [they always] get a wide variety of our products.”

The scene in Buckingham Palace gardens

The scene in Buckingham Palace gardens

Edward Bodenham of perfume specialists Floris was equally pleased to be a part of the celebrations and was delighted that Prince Charles stopped at their stand for a chat.

While he couldn’t divulge the exact scent the Prince bought from the family-run Floris business, Mr Bodenham did say it was from their generally available range and wasn’t a personalised cologne.

Other businesses in attendance at the festival, set to welcome 12,000 visitors through its doors each day, are the likes of Moet and Chandon champagne, Prince Charles’ favourite flour millers Shipton Mills, Royal livery makers Henry Poole and even palace appointed chimney sweeps Milborrow who revealed they once found a roll of camera film in one of the Royal chimneys.  

The festival, which is designed to mark the Queen’s 60th anniversary and is being paid for by exhibitors and ticket sales, will continue into the evening with a gala performance tonight and every night of the event.