Queen all smiles at Eton dinner

The Queen was all smiles as she attended a Diamond Jubilee celebration dinner at Eton College - without a sign of her bad back.

The problem had forced her to cancel an appearance at a Windsor Castle investiture ceremony earlier, but she arrived at the school looking relaxed and moving freely.

As the Queen stepped from her chauffeur-driven car with the Duke of Edinburgh last night she smiled broadly at the College's Provost Lord Waldegrave who welcomed her with a handshake.

Her arrival had been heralded by the sound of bagpipes played by the Eton pipe band, trained by the Queen's former piper Jim Motherwell, and as her car swept into Weston's Yard many of the 300 gathered boys pulled out camera phones to capture the moment.

The Queen's bad back also forced her to miss a church service on Sunday in Scotland but she has attended a number of engagements this week . Buckingham Palace said her attendance at the investiture was cancelled as she would have had to stand for an hour during the ceremony.

The Queen, wearing a blue silk wool dress and matching jacket, and Duke were introduced to Eton's headmaster Tony Little before meeting some of the school's senior prefects dressed in their brightly coloured waistcoats.

Leslie Dickson-Tetteh, president of the prefects, led the boys in three cheers for Her Majesty to mark her Diamond Jubilee.

The grounds of the historic College, where the Queen's grandsons the Duke of Cambridge and Prince Harry were taught, reverberated with the hurrahs from the students. Beaming, the Queen waved at the young men and said: "Thank you very much."

The royal couple later attended a concert in the College's Election Hall of musical entertainment and sketches, performed by the boys, involving fictional Old Etonians including James Bond and Captain Hook.

For the end of the evening a private dinner in Provost Lodge is planned for the Queen and Duke and senior College staff.