Satan’s footprints discovered in Devon?

A 19th century legend about Satan, illustrated here by famous German cycling fanatic Didi ‘El Diablo’ Senft, visiting Devon has been reawakened after a pensioner found a mysterious set of cloven hoof prints in her snow-covered garden.

Great-grandmother Jill Wade discovered the mysterious pointed marks in fresh snow at her home in Woolsery, Devon, reports The Daily Telegraph.

She told The Sun ‘I couldn’t believe it — the footprints were in the shape of a cloven hoof. There were no other marks at all in the snow. I’d love to know what it was’.

The Devil's FootprintsAccording to The Daily Telegraph, the marks were similar to those in the original Devil's Footprints, a 100-mile trail of hoof prints that appeared in snow across South Devon on February 8, 1855.

Legend has it that the trail was the result of Devon being visited by the Devil himself. The unexplained phenomenon came to be known as the Great Devon Mystery.

Unable to account for the eerie footprints in her garden, Mrs Wade contacted the Centre for Fortean Zoology (CFZ).

ANI reports that scientists from the CFZ inspected the footprints and recognised that they bore similarities to those found in 1855. However, The Sun reports the scientists believe that both sets of tracks could have been made by an animal. They aim to solve Jill Wade’s riddle through further research.