Norway remembers massacre, one year on

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Commemorations held to mark anniversary of attacks in Oslo and Utoeya

Norwegians have been commemorating one year since 77 people were killed and 242 hurt in gun and bomb attacks in Oslo and on the island of Utoeya. Anders Behring Breivik, the man who has admitted carrying out the two attacks, remains on trial. In this picture, Norway's King Harald (right) and Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg attend a wreath-laying ceremony near the heavily-damaged government building in Oslo.

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Floral tribute

Flowers are seen in front of the heavily-damaged government building in central Oslo. Church services, a concert and other events have been held around Norway to mark the anniversary of the attacks.

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A man looks at a newspaper display in the centre of Oslo that shattered during the explosion on 22 June 2011, and which is now a memorial to the victims of the attacks.

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'The killer failed; the people have won'

Norway's Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg (right) speaks during the memorial ceremony in Oslo. "The bomb and bullets were aimed at changing Norway. The Norwegian people responded by embracing our values," he said. "Let us honour the dead by being happy about the life they had, and the life we share... The killer failed; the people have won."

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Silent remembrance

Crowds gather behind Norway's King Harald (left) at the wreath-laying ceremony in the centre of Oslo. Many buildings that were damaged in the bomb attack have yet to be fully repaired. The prime minister's office and the ministry of health buildings are still covered in plastic.

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Memorial service

Norway's Princess Martha Louise (left), Queen Sonja (centre) and King Harald attend a memorial service in Oslo Cathedral.

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Young tribute

Two-year-old Theodor Christopher Jaeger Lindhjem lays a flower outside the cathedral in Oslo.

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Island memorial

A boy and a women light candles at a memorial site in front of Utoeya island. Members of AUF (The Labour Youth Organisation), guests and relatives of those who died a year ago attended a memorial service on the island.

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Standing together

Two girls hug each other as they look down on Utoeya island.