Many drivers led astray by satnavs

Satnav woes for motorists include nearly driving off a cliff, veering into front gardens and going around in circles, according to a survey.

Almost two in three (64%) drivers rely on GPS devices on trips and 46% have been led astray by them, the poll by Autoglass found.

Yet despite the constant glitches, 19% of drivers said they could not live without their satnavs.

The most usual satnav mix up is driving into a dead end or a closed road, followed by going the wrong way up a one-way street.

As well as almost driving off a cliff or a high drop, other mishaps include heading into a field, driving into a forest, heading into open water and being directed off a motorway despite there being no exit.

Autoglass managing director Matthew Mycock said: "While satnav malfunctions do sometimes cause accidents and lead to dangerous situations, we would always urge drivers to exercise a degree of common sense when using technology on the roads.

"The rise of the 'staycation' has led to many UK holidaymakers taking to the roads in a bid to save money and enjoy the British countryside. Motorists should always ensure they are prepared for a long drive before jumping into the car."

A total of 2,000 people were surveyed.