Man jailed for 'motiveless' rampage

A man who went on a steroid-fuelled rampage, violently attacking passers-by for no reason, has been jailed for six months.

Nicholas Wilson, 22, of Pembrey, west Wales, smashed his way into the home of a horrified friend the day after he had attended a party there.

The friend was forced to flee barefooted wearing only his shorts as Wilson chased him with a glass shard taken from the debris of the smashed front door.

The motiveless attack was the start of several hours of mindless violence as a "berserk" Wilson went on the rampage.

Victims were anyone unlucky enough to cross his path and included people as well as inanimate objects.

His reign of terror was only terminated by a major police response which included urgently diverting a police helicopter for assistance.

By then, a still frenzied Wilson was at a nearby farm where he was filmed from the air punching the owner and a farm hand.

Jailing him at Swansea Crown Court, judge Paul Thomas warned Wilson, who regularly trained at a local gym, about the dangers of steroid abuse.

"It is well known that people on steroids can suffer catastrophic loss of temper," he said.

"If you dabble with steroids and illegal drugs you risk personality change."