Winter storms return to the US

By MSN UK News. Image: REX/ZUMA
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The eastern coast of the United States has been hit by another severe winter storm.

Almost a foot and a half of snow has fallen in many states, causing major travel disruption and closing many public buildings.

The storm stretched 1,000 miles between Kentucky and Massachusetts, but hit especially hard along the heavily populated corridor between Philadelphia and Boston.

But unlike the similarly cold weather earlier this month, it has not been caused by a kink in the so-called "polar vortex" - the winds that circulate around the North Pole.

The driver of the car pictured above walked away from unharmed from this accident in Jacksonville, Baltimore

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Crews have been working to remove the snow from many airports, including Reagan National Airport in Washington.

Around 3,000 flights were cancelled on Tuesday, with airports from Washington to Boston affected.

More than 1,000 flights for Wednesday have been called off. Amtrak has also planned to cut back passenger train service.

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Federal workers in the Washington area were given the day off.

Schools in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Connecticut, Virginia, West Virginia and Kentucky stayed closed for an extra day after the Martin Luther King Day holiday.

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The snow came down harder and faster than many people expected.

A blizzard warning was posted for parts of Massachusetts, including Cape Cod. Forecasters said the storm could be followed by bitter cold as arctic air from Canada streams in.

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Police said the storm might have claimed some lives.

A preliminary investigation showed wet conditions played a role in a two-vehicle crash that killed two people in Prince George's County, Maryland.

Here, a snow plough tries to keep lanes clear in Philadelphia.

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A man pulls his son on a sled though the streets of New York.

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Icicles form on the back of an SUV stuck at the intersection of Second Avenue and 86th Street in New York.

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A woman walks by a row of sleeping commuters at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York.

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Workers shovel snow near a near a tent that will be used for the Super Bowl on 2 February in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

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A pedestrian makes his way along Park Heights Avenue in Baltimore.