UK Floods: In pictures

By Katie Wilson, MSN UK News | SWNS
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As devastating floods hit Britain forecasters predict more bad weather is on the way with rain and winds of up to 80mph expected to batter England and Wales over the weekend.

Residents in Somerset have already been forced to leave their homes after weeks of heavy rain.

There are now more than 300 low level flood alerts and 200 medium level warnings across the country.

And the storms are expected to move north this weekend.

Here a First Great Western train makes it way through flood-hit Moorland in Somerset.

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Parts of Moorland are now submerged by floods after water levels rose a further metre this week.

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For the past month the Somerset Levels have been under water due to fierce flooding.

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A caravan lies submerged in flood water as homes in the area are evacuated.

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A cyclist struggles to pedal through the water.

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Homeowner Sam Notaro desperately looks on as workmen try to save his newly built £1million house.

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Sam's house has been completely cut off by flooding.

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Marines from 40 Commando have been drafted in to help locals.

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A dog is carried to safety as his owner walks through flood water.

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Locals use sandbags to try and protect their properties.

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Residents carry their belongings in bin bags as they are evacuated from their homes.

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The emergency services help evacuate flooding victims.

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Marines help with the clean up operation.

Tim Ireland/PA Wire/Press Association Images
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Emergency worker

An emergency worker walks down the road outside a property in Moorland, Somerset, after residents were advised to evacuate the area.

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A woman battles through windswept conditions in Dawlish which have destroyed beach huts.

REX/London News Pictures
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Farm being evacuated

West Yeo Farm in Moorland being evacuated due to the rising water levels.

REX/Ed Stone
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Flooded home

A flooded home in Somerset. Around 80 properties have been evacuated due to the miserable weather.

REX/Ed Stone
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Another flooded home

Many families have had to flee their homes in the past week.

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The worst storms in living memory have hit the region

Rising tides have devastated coastal areas of the country, particularly in the south-west.

Andrew Matthews/PA
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Flooding in Weymouth has left the town of Portland completely cut off.

Ben Birchall/PA
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Workers survey a hole in Dawlish, one of the worst hit places, where a 15m (50ft) section supporting a railway line has been completely demolished.

Ben Birchall/PA
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Beach huts are destroyed by storms, which are set to continue into the weekend.

Ben Birchall/PA
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Waves crash over the Dawlish railway line in Devon, which has already partially been swept away

A 15m (50ft) structure that was supporting the railway has been swept away leaving Dawlish stranded. It is estimated this will take up to six weeks to fix.

Adam Gibbard/PA
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Flooding causes power loss in the south.

Francine Jarvis/SWNS
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Waves up to 9m (30ft) high batter Devon's coastline

The Met Office shipping forecast has described the sea state on the south coast as phenomenal.

James Dadzitis/SWNS
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These waves may be a dream for surfers in the town of Sennen Cove in Cornwall, but they came a bit close to home for the people who live in these houses.

Many homes have been evacuated.

Simon Maycock/SWNS
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A car is almost swept away by waves in Mousehole, Cornwall.

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Storm watchers risk their lives to see the conditions in Cornwall.

Adam Gibbard/SWNS
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A seal is thrown onto the shore by 9m (30ft) waves.

Paul Williams/SWNS
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Flood waters engulf Portmellon in Cornwall.

Paul Williams/SWNS
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Portmellon remains under water after being battered by storms since Tuesday.

Adam Gibbard/SWNS
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Storms caused this huge hole to open up in the ground in Penzance.

Gareth Fuller/PA
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Part of Brighton's 148-year-old West Pier has been swept into the sea

The historic pier is a Grade I-listed structure.

Niall Carson/PA
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A woman paddles through Cork city centre.

Ben Birchall/PA
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Prince Charles visits flood-hit Somerset

Prince Charles called the flooding a tragedy when he visited locals and farmers in Somerset blighted by the disaster on Tuesday. The bad weather continues and the he has since pledged £50,000 to support flood victims after residents begged the Environment Agency to help, with many complaining they were living in “third world conditions”.