Shiny 'the devil cat' terrorises Cornwall village

By Stephen Jones, MSN UK News SWNS
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A pet cat branded Britain’s most ferocious feline has been reported to police five times after terrorising a Cornwall neighbourhood.

Shiny has been given the nickname ‘devil cat’ after a series of attacks on residents and pets in Little Treviscoe, near St Austell.

According to locals, the four-year-old male has chased children, picked fights with dogs and burst into people’s homes to claw and scratch them.

Police, however, are powerless to act because laws to protect against dangerous dogs cannot be applied to cats.

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One neighbour, Paula Burton (pictured), 42, had to be raced to A&E after Shiny came into her home and sunk his claws into her arms and legs.

Another resident, Carol Ballsdon, claims Shiny attacked her 90-year-old mother and left a large tear on her arm.

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The above image shows the nasty injuries sustained by Julia Terry's (left) and Helen Wade's cats.

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Victims are said to be so scared they hide behind locked doors and arm themselves with hoses and mugs of hot tea as self-defence when they see the black tom approaching.

Nonetheless, he looks pretty serene here with two-year-old Poppy, daughter of his owners Mandie and Adrian Knowles.

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Mrs Knowles, a 32-year-old learning support student, says they have taken vets’ advice and have had Shiny neutered. However, she defended her cat’s behaviour.

"These people must have done something for him to act that way. He wouldn't attack them out of the blue," she said.

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Adrian, a 34-year-old dispatch advisor, added: "It's getting very unfair on Shiny. If we genuinely thought that this cat was attacking innocent people or children we would have him put down."