Philippines ferry disaster: in pictures

By William Green, MSN UK news editor AP Photo/Bullit Marquez
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A cluster of life rafts floats near the cargo ship Sulpicio Express after it collided with a passenger ferry off the Philippine coast

Divers are combing through a sunken ferry to retrieve the bodies of more than 200 people who are missing after a crash with a cargo vessel near the central Philippine port of Cebu. Passengers jumped into the ocean after the collision, while many others were trapped. Twenty-eight people, including children, are confirmed as having died. Some 629 passengers and crew have been rescued.

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A medic carries rescued three-month old Trisia Mae Kumaro along with her mother

A total of 752 passengers, including children, and 118 crew were on board the ferry. Some 213 people are still missing.

AP Photo/Bullit Marquez
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A volunteer paddles close to the damaged bow of the cargo ship Sulpicio Express

The captain of the ferry MV Thomas Aquinas, which was approaching the port late on Friday when the crash happened, ordered the ship to be abandoned when it began listing and then sank minutes after the collision with the MV Sulpicio Express

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Philippine coastguard divers bring down a rubber boat as they prepare to join rescue operations

More divers with deep-water equipment are being sent to help retrieve bodies.

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Survivors arrive at hospital

Survivors say hundreds of passengers jumped into the ocean as the ship began to sink. Many passengers were sleeping while others struggled to find their way in the dark.

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An oil-slick is seen after the collision

Reporters saw bodies coated with fuel and oil that had spilled from the ferry.