In pictures: US battered by storms

By MSN UK News EUTERS/Jonathan Ernst
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State of emergency declared in four states after extreme weather causes devastation

Millions of people across the east of the United States are facing a third day of 40C temperatures without electricity after storms ripped through the region, killing 13 people. It could be several days before all power is restored to Washington DC and other areas. In this picture, storm-damaged trees litter the east lawn of the Capitol buildings in Washington.

REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst
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Damaged awning

The dislodged awning of the storm-damaged Park Tanglewood apartments, some of which were exposed when high winds tore open a hole in the roof and knocked out the electricity, sits in the parking lot in Riverdale, Maryland.

REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst
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Piles of debris

Debris from the storm-damaged Park Tanglewood apartments sits in a parking lot in Riverdale, Maryland.

REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque
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A child looks at a house struck by a tree after a violent thunderstorm ripped through Falls Church in Virginia.

REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst
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Workers clear storm damage in the Capitol Hill neighbourhood in Washington.

AP Photo/Cliff Owen
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A woman takes a photograph of Mike Wolfe's pick-up truck as it lies under a fallen tree in front of his house after a severe storm in Falls Church, Virginia. Wolfe's daughter Samanth Wolfe created the "for sale" sign as a joke.

AP Photo/Cliff Owen
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Falling down

Tyler Taylor, 14, walks across a large downed tree in Falls Church, Virginia.

AP Photo/Cliff Owen
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Pole apart

A utility pole is seen cracked in half by a downed tree on a residential street in Arlington, Virginia.

AP Photo/Alex Brandon
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Safe and sound

Cesar de Jesus, 4, from Riverdale, Maryland, plays under a blanket at a Red Cross shelter at the Northwestern High School gym.

AP Photo/Cliff Owen
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Keeping cool

Arlington County residents pass the time in the Central Public Library after it was made an official cooling station in Arlington, Virginia.