In pictures: French Alps shootings aftermath

By MSN UK News REUTERS/Robert Pratta
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Police investigate killing of four near Lake Annecy

A gunman who opened fire on a British family in the French Alps has left four people dead and seriously injured a fifth person. Three of four victims were shot in the head: one man, named by news agencies as Saad al-Hilli from Surrey, an elderly woman and a French cyclist. A second woman was also killed. A girl, four, hid in the car for eight hours before being found by police. In this picture, French gendarmes block access to a road to La Combe d'Ire in Chevaline near Annecy in south-eastern France.

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Standing guard

French gendarmes stand guard next to a caravan at a Saint-Jorioz camping site near Annecy. The family involved in the shooting were staying at the site. A man and two women - believed to be the surviving girls' mother, father and an older relative - were in the British-registered BMW, which was riddled with bullets.

REUTERS/Robert Pratta
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The media keep watch

Members of the media gather next to a blocked road in Chevaline near Annecy. The scene of the shooting was discovered by a British cyclist, a former member of the RAF, who also found the seven-year-old lying in the road and placed her in the recovery position.

Reuters/M6 via Reuters TV
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On patrol

A gendarme talks on his phone on a road near Annecy Lake. Police have said the motive for the attack remains a mystery but revealed there were signs of a vehicle braking at the scene.

AP Photo/Alexis Moro
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Answering questions

Gendarmerie Colonel Francois, left, and Annecy prosecutor Eric Maillaud answer reporters' questions near the site of the shooting. Maillaud has described the attack, which left the driver, two women and a passing cyclist dead, as an act of "gross savagery". He also revealed that Swedish and Iraqi passports had been recovered along with the driver's British passport.

Chris Ison/PA Wire
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A general view of Annecy in the Haute-Savoie region of south-eastern France. Surrey police have said they are assisting the French authorities and liaising with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office following the shooting. "This is an ongoing investigation being carried out by the French police and we are unable to confirm any details about the incident," the Surrey force said in a statement.

AP Photo/Lionel Cironneau
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The investigation continues

An investigator enters the trailer where the victims were staying on the campsite of Saint Jorioz, near Annecy.

AP Photo/Lionel Cironneau
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An elderly woman and man exit the camp where the victims were holidaying in the campsite of Saint Jorioz, near Annecy.