World in Pictures: 3 November 2011

By Francis Whittaker REUTERS/Bobby Yip
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Santa Jim is coming to town

What? Santa Jim, winner of 2009's Santa Claus Winter Games, sits beside shoppers during the Hong Kong round of the Santa Claus Winter Games at a Hong Kong shopping mall. Hong Kong won the international festive championship, held annually in Gaellivare, Sweden, in 2009 and came in third in 2010.

Where?Hong Kong

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REUTERS/Samrang Pring
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Rescued leopard

What? A zookeeper feeds a leopard kitten in the wildlife rescue center at Cambodia's Phnom Tamao zoo. Local media reported that three female leopard cubs, which were handed over to the centre in October, were discovered by a fisherman in a flooded area of Kandal province three weeks ago. One has since died.

Where? Phnom Penh, Cambodia

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REUTERS/Nacho Doce
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Zombie zip

What? A woman dressed as a zombie takes part in the zombie parade in Sao Paulo. Hundreds of people took part in the parade through the city centre.

Where? Sao Paulo, Brazil

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REUTERS/Pawan Kumar
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Khan fan

What? Vishal Singh's two children, Simran and Aryan, sit among pictures of Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan in their bedroom in Lucknow. Singh is a fan of the Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan and has more than 22,000 pictures of the star in his house, which he calls 'Shahrukh Palace'. Singh has even changed his name to Vishahrukh Khan as a display of his love for the actor.

Where?Lucknow, India

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REUTERS/Navesh Chitrakar
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Chhat festival

What? A worshipper waits for sunrise to offer prayers during the final day of the Chhat festival in Nepal. Nepalese Hindus celebrate the four-day festival by praying to the sun god at sunrise and sunset and making offerings for blessings.

Where?Kathmandu, Nepal

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REUTERS/Gleb Garanich
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Chernobyl protests

What? Veterans who were involved in the clean-up operation after the Chernobyl nuclear disaster protest against the authorities' initiative to cut social benefits near the Ukrainian government's headquarters.

Where? Kiev, Ukraine

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REUTERS/Ammar Awad
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Haj pilgrimage

What? A Muslim pilgrim prays atop Mount Al-Noor during the annual haj pilgrimage.

Where? Mecca, Saudi Arabia

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REUTERS/Robert Galbraith
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Occupy Oakland

What? A demonstrator from the 'Occupy Oakland' demo lies on railway lines at the Port of Oakland in California. Maritime operations at the port were "effectively shut down" by protesters on Wednesday, port officials said.

Where? Oakland, California, USA

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Missile drill

What? Israeli soldiers role-playing as mock victims lie on the ground during a drill simulating a missile attack near Tel Aviv. Israel staged a mass drill simulating a missile attack in the centre of the country, but dismissed any connection between the exercise and recent speculation of a possible attack on Iran.

Where? Holon, Israel

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REUTERS/Danish Ismail
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Sufi shrine

What? A Kashmiri Muslim woman kisses her fingers after touching a pendulum tied to the gate of the shrine of Mir Syed Ali Hamdani, a Sufi saint, during a religious festival in Srinagar. Thousands of Kashmiri Muslim Sufi devotees thronged to the shrine of Saint Hamdani, who travelled to Kashmir from Iran to spread Islam in the region, for his 646th anniversary of his birth on Thursday.

Where? Srinagar, Kashmir

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