World in Pictures: 21 September 2011

By Maureen O'Hare REUTERS/Carlos Jasso
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Super Barrio

What? A popular Mexican social activist known as Super Barrio, claiming to seek to improve the financial situation of the working class and the poor and homeless, stands outside the Stock Exchange building in Mexico City. Super Barrio and members of the "Occupy Together" movement stuck a banner, reading "Closed" in Spanish, outside the building during a protest against economic inequality.

Where? Mexico City, Mexico

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REUTERS/Khaled Abdullah
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"We are coming"

What? A boy with his face painted in the colours of Yemen's national flag takes part in a demonstration to demand the ousting of Yemen's President Ali Abdullah Saleh. The writing reads, "We are coming."

Where? Sanaa, Yemen

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REUTERS/Lucy Nicholson
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Pan American Games

What? Zhang Mo of Canada serves during her women's singles quarter-final table tennis match at the Pan American Games.

Where?Guadalajara, Mexico

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REUTERS/ Yannis Behrakis
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Riots in Greece

What? Policemen are set ablaze on fire by a petrol bomb thrown by protesters during clashes near the Parliament building in Syntagma (Constitution) square in Athens.

Where?Athens, Greece

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REUTERS/Grahm Jones/Columbus Zoo and Aquarium/Handout
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Rescued macaque

What? A rescued macaque in Columbus Zoo, following an exotic animal collector setting free his lions, tigers, bears and other beasts then committing suicide.

Where?Columbus Zoo, Ohio

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REUTERS/Rebecca Conway
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The Kalash community

What? Teacher Noorzia Khan, 16, writes letters from the Kalasha alphabet on a blackboard during a lesson at the Kalasha Dur school and community centre in Brun village, located in Bumboret Kalash valley. The Kalash are a tiny religious community that claim descent from Alexander the Great's army.

Where? Bumboret Kalash valley, Pakistan

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REUTERS/Sukree Sukplang
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Floods in Thailand

What? A soldier relaxes while fortifying protection in the form of sandbags in flooded Pathum Thani province in Bangkok's suburbs.

Where?Bangkok, Thailand

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ETA call for end to armed struggle

What? Three members of Basque separatist group ETA call for a definitive end to 50 years of armed struggle, which has cost the lives of at least 850 people, in this still image taken from an undated video published on the website of Basque language newspaper Gara.


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Facing Mecca

What? Veiled Muslim women with a girl stand at the airport to send off their relatives departing for Mecca. The first batch of 301 Hajj pilgrims set off on Thursday for the annual pilgrimage to the holiest place for Muslims in Mecca.

Where? Ahmedabad, India

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REUTERS/Esam Al-Fetori
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Gaddafi's dead

What? This picture flew round the world's media yesterday as news broke of Gaddafi's killing.

Where?Sirte, Libya

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