Huge wildfire threatens Spanish resort

By MSN UK News AP Photo/Sergio Torres
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Thousands ordered to leave as blaze nears Marbella

A huge wildfire is edging closer to the wealthy resort of Marbella on Spain's Costa del Sol. The area has already been evacuated of thousands of people, and one death was confirmed when the body of an elderly man was found near the blaze at Ojen (pictured). Strong winds have encouraged the spread of the flames. Click through for more.

AP Photo/Sergio Torres
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A firefighter tries to control a raging forest fire in Ojen, southern Spain

The fire has spread rapidly through an eight-mile coastal strip, not far from holiday resorts.

AP Photo/Sergio Torres
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A helicopter transporting a water bucket heads towards a fire in Ojen

Angel Nozal, the mayor of Mijas, a town between Marbella and Malaga, told El Pais newspaper: "The fire is horrific, with flames 10 to 15 metres high."

AP Photo/Sergio Torres
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Burned-out land is seen around a house on top of a hill in Ojen

The British embassy said two Britons had been treated in hospital for smoke inhalation and were in a stable condition. The Foreign Office has no reports so far of British residents' homes being damaged.

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Residents forced to leave their homes by the fire are pictured watching a seaplane as they rest outside the Antonio Serrano Lima municipal sports centre in Marbella.

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Tackling the flames

Firefighter are shown trying to extinguish a blaze in a forest on the road between Marbella and Monda in Ojen.

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Taking shelter

People who were ordered to leave their homes in the night due to the fire are pictured eating breakfast inside the Antonio Serrano Lima municipal sports centre in Marbella.

Reuters/Jon Nazca
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Captured for posterity

A boy takes a picture of a burned-down residential area in Sitio de Calahonda, near Malaga.