Guinness World Records 2013 launches

By Andy Young Guinness World Records
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Over 120 million copies of the Guinness World Records book have sold around the world and the 2013 version is now available, with the usual collection of incredible people and feats on show

Here's a new take on the saying 'welcome to the gun show'. Moustafa Adel Ismail has the world's largest biceps and triceps; his right upper-arm circumference is 63.5 cm (25 in) flexed and 60.96 cm (24 in) non-flexed, and his left upper-arm circumference is 64.77 cm (25.5 in) flexed and 62.23 cm (24.5 in) non-flexed. Moustafa, trains six days a week and eats six meals a day, said: "I have been working out for the last 11 years to get muscles this big". He hopes his newfound fame will be the springboard to become a professional body builder and plans to compete in "naturally enhanced body-building competitions".

Guinness World Records
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The oldest Gymnast: Johanna Quaas (Germany) – 86 years old

Johanna Quaas, 86, from Leipzig only began to train at gymnastics in her 50s and is now recognised as the world's Oldest Gymnast. In the last 30 years Johanna has won 11 major championships. To keep in shape for competition, Joanna has a strict exercise regime that involves a combination of gym workouts, running, and yoga. Johanna says that it's "a great feeling to be in the Guinness World Records book. I hope the record inspires others to realise it's never too late to try something new."

Guinness World Records
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Heaviest Sportswoman: Sharran Alexander (UK) – 203.21 kg (32 stone)

Sharran Alexander, 46, stands 6ft tall, weighs 32 stone is Britain's only female sumo wrestler and is now the world's Heaviest Sportswoman. Sharran consumes 5,000 calories a day, and to build strength and stamina she swims and walks. Sharran said: "I used to be ashamed of my size. But after taking up sumo I learned to love my body. The Guinness World Records recognition tops it off."

Guinness World Records
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Tallest Donkey: Oklahoma Sam (USA) - 155.45 cm (5ft 1 in)

A mule named 'Oklahoma Sam' is today celebrating being crowned the 'Tallest Living Donkey' on the planet. Measuring 15.3 hands (155.45 cm; 5ft 1in) tall, she dwarfs the common donkey (8 hands high) and her own larger 'Mammoth Jackstock' breed (12 hands high). Sam's overall care is handled by 54-year-old Linda Davis, a keen gardener and animal lover. Linda, who calls Sam her "soul mate", says: "It actually doesn't cost anymore to have a donkey of this size. He doesn't eat more. In fact, if I give him more bale he'll just use it to make his bedding more comfortable. He loves his sleep."

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Tallest Dog: Zeus (USA) – 111.8 cm (44 in)

Just look at the size of this dog. Zeus is a 3-year-old Great Dane from Michigan and measures an incredible 111.8 cm (44 in) from foot to withers: the same size as a donkey. Standing on hind legs, Zeus stretches to 7 ft 4 in and towers over his owner Denise Doorlag. Denise said: "Zeus is an awesome dog," says owner Denise. "The only downside is that everything costs more; the food, medicines, transport. We had to get a van to be able to transport him, and if he steps on your foot- he leaves bruises."

Zeus breaks the record of previous record-breaking pooch Giant George, who is 1-inch shorter, which makes Zeus the tallest dog ever recorded in history.

Guinness World Records
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Shortest Bull: Archie (Northern Ireland) – 76.2 cm (30 in)

Archie, a 29-month-old Dexter from County Antrim, Northern Ireland, is today recognised as the Shortest Bull in the world. He measures just 76.2 cm (30 in) from the hoof to the withers, 15 inches shorter than other bulls of his breed (typically 45 in). His height means that he's dwarfed by the other animals at his farm, including even the dogs and goats.

Guinness World Records
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New features in the book make it more interactive

The new book features augmented reality pictures, which allow the reader to interact with the book. Simply point a tablet at particular pages and it will come to life. Here we see Zac the parrot performing his record of the most slam dunks by a parrot in one minute.

Guinness World Records
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You can interact with a shark

Other 3D features include interacting with a shark, but don't worry there is no biting. The tablet interaction also works on the page featuring Chandra Bahadur, the world's shortest man and you can even have your photograph taken with him.

Tim Whitby/Getty Images
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Most expensive game show

In 2011 the television show Red or Black launched and the game show, devised by Simon Cowell, had a budget of £15 million, making it the world's most expensive game show.

Stefan Wermuth/Reuters
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Most expensive painting sold at auction

Edvard Munch's The Scream (1895) sold to an anonymous buyer for $119.9 million (£74 million) on 2 May 2012, making it the most expensive auction painting.