The truth about Boris Johnson's mop

The mop-touseledness of Boris Johnson has been the subject of much discussion.

Does he cut it himself? Is it just a bad case of bedhead? Or is it a carefully contrived part of Brand Boris?

The truth is that the Boris cut is no accident of wind-gust, pillow-squash or unfortunate encounter with the scissors from the kitchen drawer.

According to one of the Mayor of London's hairdressers, Mr Johnson knows exactly what he wants and even deploys 'a little bit of wax' to achieve his ideal look.

Tony Elezi, who cut Mr Johnson's hair until about a year ago at the WMB salon near Tower Bridge, said that while the Mayor wasn't fussy he knew what he wanted and did not ask for style advice.

He said: "He asked for the same model. The model was a longer style - longer than it is now. He was happy with what he had."

Mr Johnson, who paid £43.50 for his cut, always kept his flaxen locks in "good condition", Mr Elezi said, and added that the Mayor "used a bit of wax but not much."

I do indeed cut it myself, with nail scissors.

Boris Johnson

However, he doesn't seem to get his hair cut that often.

Sources close to Mr Johnson said that he had had two recent trims - one just before the Games and one just before the Conservative Party Conference. They said he was now using an inexpensive barber near City Hall.

But the man himself begs to differ. Tongue in cheek, Mr Johnson told MSN: "I do indeed cut it myself, with nail scissors."

Boris Johnson: hair caught by the windPA

Boris Johnson caught in gust of wind

Patrick Swan, a television style guru said that Mr Johnson's hair was a very important part of his image.

Swan, who refers to himself as an 'arbiter of style', said: "It is very carefully done. It's intentionally styled to look like that, that's not being caught in the wind, and you would never change that because that's what makes him recognisable.

"He should not change his look because you take that away and he is a pretty ordinary looking guy. He's not David Beckham. Without his hair he would be another boring looking public school boy."

Another fashion insider said that before Mr Johnson went on stage at this year's London Fashion Week he caught the Mayor giving his hair a quick ruffle.

He said: "It was a clear gesture of him controlling his hair making it do what he wanted by making it messy."