Cameras capture moment Spanish train derailed - video

VIDEO showing the terrifying moment a Spanish train came off the rails and turned on its side has emerged online.

The images, which were captured by security cameras mounted by the side of the track, show the moment at 8.41pm last night when the train bound for Ferrol races around a bend. The locomotive rolls onto its side and begins to disintegrate in a shower of sparks before the screen goes black.

The driver of the train has admitted it was travelling at more than double the speed limit, according to local media. Authorities say 78 people died in the crash and more than 100 were injured.

The trackside CCTV footage clearly shows the train starting to "wobble" before it leaves the rails, The Times says. The official speed limit on that section of the track is 80km/h although a government source told the paper the train had been travelling at 220km/h.

El País has reported that one of the train’s drivers radioed his base shortly before the crash and told them he was travelling at 190km/h, or even 200km/h, going into the bend.

Another driver, who survived the crash, but was trapped in the wreckage of the driver's compartment, reportedly made contact via radio and told controllers "We are only human! We are only human!"

Clearly unaware of the severity of the crash he is said to have added: "I hope that there are no deaths because they would weigh heavily on my conscience," El Pais reports. · 

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