Camilla gives Chelsea pensioner gin

The Duchess of Cornwall has given a bottle of gin to a 94-year-old war veteran at the Royal Chelsea Hospital.

Camilla presented John Ley, who is an in-pensioner at the hospital, with a bottle of Highgrove Gin in a box decorated with ribbon to add to his gin collection.

The Duchess was at the home of the Chelsea pensioners for the annual Founder's Day Parade which commemorates the founding of the hospital by King Charles II in 1682.

Mr Ley invited Camilla into his room where she handed over the "special" gift.

"I've brought you a little present. It's very special," she said, as she presented him with the gin.

Mr Ley said he felt "very honoured" to receive the gift from Camilla, adding: "I shall certainly do it justice."

Wearing a green Fiona Clare coat dress and a matching Philip Treacy hat adorned with feathers, Camilla met a number of the 300 in-pensioners as well as staff at the hospital, both in the Margaret Thatcher Infirmary and in the grounds at the parade.

After the parade, which featured a large number of the Chelsea pensioners and took place in glorious sunshine, Camilla made a short speech.

"As the proud daughter of a highly decorated soldier I am honoured to be here today to review the parade at this very special event.

"331 years ago this great institution was opened to be a home to old or disabled soldiers but surveying your resplendent scarlet ranks I can only see evidence of soldiers," she said.