Cabbies stage Olympic lanes protest

London taxi drivers are set to stage another protest as part of their campaign against being banned from using Olympic traffic lanes.

The drivers have already held two demonstrations, including one which brought traffic to a halt outside the Houses of Parliament in Westminster.

The cabbies argue they should be able to use the lanes, which are available only to Olympics officials and athletes.

The demonstration will be held around Hyde Park Corner, just hours before the opening ceremony of the Games.

Bob Crow, general secretary of the Rail Maritime and Transport union, commented: "It remains extraordinary that the licensed taxi drivers who are a key part of London's transport system are still banned from the VIP lanes on the eve of the Olympics.

"The iconic London black cab was a central part of the imagery that secured London the Games and even at this late stage, Mayor Boris Johnson should step in and allow them to use the Olympics lanes to help keep the city moving."