Britons 'scared' to ask for upgrade

Tourists are too timid to ask for an upgrade to a better flight seat or a fancier hotel room, according to a survey.

Yet of those who request an upgrade, around half are successful, the poll by travel agent showed.

A total of 2,109 Britons who had been on holiday abroad in the past 12 months were surveyed.

As many as 77% said they had not asked for a free upgrade either at their hotel or before their flight.

Of these, 61% said they were too scared to ask and 27% reckoned it "wouldn't work".

But of the 23% who asked for an upgrade 49% got lucky, particularly with getting a better hotel room.

A total of 11% who asked for an upgrade on their last holiday said they either lied or complained to help their case, while 24% tried to slip a staff member some money to get them what they wanted. co-founder Chris Clarkson said: "You really have nothing to lose by asking for an upgrade. The worst they can say is no, after all.

"If hotels have premium rooms empty, many would often be more than happy to move you to a better room for no extra cost.

"Getting better seats on a flight is much tougher. But as they say - if you don't ask, you don't get."