Button: Canadian F1 win possibly 'best of career'

Jenson Button has said his win in the Canadian Grand Prix is the best in his Formula One career.

The triumph was epic as he came from 14th on the grid to take the chequered flag.

The British driver waited 113 grand prix to taste victory in a race that involved six visits into the pits.

Five of the stops were for tyre changes and one for a drive-through penalty.

At one point Button was pushed back to 21st place after a clash with Fernando Alonso which punctured one his car's tyres.

But determination won through as along with some briliant driving and some luck brought Button his 10th career win.

"My first grand prix win was pretty special, as it always will be, and it was a very similar situation with the weather," said Button.

"But I would personally say - and I'm going to say it because I'm emotionally attached to this win because it's just happened - it's the best one I've had in my career.

"It certainly had its ups and downs, let's just say that.

"It was definitely one of those grands prix where you are nowhere, then you're somewhere, then nowhere and then somewhere.

"But as we always say the last lap is the important one to be leading and I did so for half of it.

"It was an amazing day, really an amazing day. To fight my way through from last, it's definitely my best race."

What was more amazing is that German Sebastian Vettel had led the race for around 98 per cent of the time.