Late oracle octopus Paul succeeded by Paul II

English-born octopus Paul, which recently made world headlines one more time when it died has been replaced with a French successor at a German aquarium in Oberhausen.

"Little Paul moved into his new home. Today he stepped into the tentacles of one of the world's biggest ever oracles," the spokeswoman for the Sea Life Centre, Tanja Munzig said.

Paul II moved into the tank previously home to 'psychic' Paul I, who died last week.

Paul II was transferred to the centre in Oberhausen some weeks ago so that the old master Paul I could instruct him in the ways of predicting the outcome of soccer matches.

According to the spokeswoman, the old Paul was supposed to teach his successor but unfortunately he died before he could do that.

It has not yet been decided whether Paul II will predict the results of the European Football Championship in 2012.

But if he does, he will have a hard act to follow - Paul I became a global sensation after correctly predicting the outcome of eight matches during the 2010 World Cup.