5 plus 1 winner trumps jackpot five

Five winners have shared Saturday's Lotto jackpot of £4.8 million, but in a rare draw twist, their prize money was trumped by the person who matched five numbers plus the bonus ball, who scooped nearly £1.5 million.

A Camelot spokesman, who described the situation as "very rare", said it came about because the jackpot winners had to share their allocation of 52% of the total prize draw once the £10 winners had been paid, but the sole person who matched five numbers plus the bonus ball was lucky enough to take their full 16% share of the fund.

"That's the beauty of the lottery - you never know what's going to happen," the spokesman said. "It's certainly very rare, but at the end of the day we have six big winners tonight who have won life-changing money and we think it's fantastic news."

The winning numbers were 49, 41, 39, 36, 15, 30 and the bonus number was 02.

The jackpot winners will each collect a prize of £968,272 for matching all six numbers.

One ticketholder matched five numbers plus the bonus to take home the £1,489,649, while 331 won £2,812 for five numbers.

A total of 17,931 matched four numbers to claim £114 each, while 367,896 won £10 for matching three numbers.